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Research | Overview

W21C is an exciting initiative that strives to fulfill its research potential within the umbrella of improving patient safety and quality of care. Through this strategic research and innovation agenda we hope to contribute rapidly to better health care for present and future generations. Within this context, four sub-themes and areas of focus (described below) define specific research categories for all projects and activities occurring in W21C.

Research and Innovation Themes

1. Technology Integration - This theme encompasses research into the development and subsequent integration of appropriate technologies into the clinical practice setting to enhance work flow and processes of care. This theme overlaps considerably with themes 2 and 3.

2. Data, Information, and Knowledge Flow - This theme includes research into methods for enhancing the flow of health data and information from source to user, and also improving its synchronization and prioritization. Research into the process of converting health data (i.e. raw data) into information, and then subsequently converting, through the complex process of knowledge translation, that information into knowledge to yield evidence-based decision-making, also falls under this theme.

3. Communication and Interaction - This theme encompasses research into the essential process of communication among players in the health care arena, with attention to the complexity of this process, and the development of processes and tools that enhance communication. Beyond communication, the theme also captures research into human factors and the various forms of human-human and human-technology interaction that occur daily in care settings, and that influence (both directly and indirectly) quality of care and patient safety.

4. Organizational and Regulatory Factors - This theme includes research into the organizational and regulatory factors that influence quality of care and patient safety, with the ultimate objective being to produce evidence that will help health care organizations to better align their organizational and management practices with goals of patient safety and quality of care.

Areas of Focus

Human Factors and Simulation

Clinical Simulation

Quality and Safety Education

Primary Care

Chronic Disease Management

Seniors’ Health


eHealth Services and Strategy



The W21C team has developed a formalized process to review all new research project requests. Part of this process includes ensuring the project fits within the mandate of the W21C. If you would like to submit a request for a new project proposal, please fill out our project inquiry form