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News & Events | Articles | October 6, 2010

W21C Featured in U Magazine

The W21C has been featured in the University of Calgary's Fall Issue of U Magazine.

In the article "Upgrading the Interface" the W21C's Healthcare Human Factors and Simulation (HHFS) Laboratory is featured as a University of Calgary (UCalgary) innovation that helps humans learn how to better interact with computers to save lives. This article showcases Human Factors Graduate Student Nicole Percival's master's project and the successful impact the HHFS Lab had on the design of the South Health Campus, Calgary's newest hospital.

Nicole's research is one of many simulation projects going on at the W21C. Dr. Bill Ghali is one of the lead investigators for the W21C, which was established in 2004, and says one of the most important aspects of the initiative is the interdisciplinary nature of the studies.

“Prior to 2004, we didn’t go over to social science, computer science or engineering,” he says. “The interdisciplinary aspect has been very exciting and has given us new approaches and new solutions, especially given that we are all invested in the health care system.”