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News & Events | Articles | September 25, 2015

W21C does Beakerhead’s Late Night Labs

As part of Beakerhead’s Late Night Lab Tours, participants experienced W21C‘s Healthcare Human Factors and Simulation Laboratory. W21C’s research looks at health systems - how we can make health care safer for patients and providers. Participants got to explore the lab and check out the tools used in W21C research –like iStan, a high-fidelity patient simulator - and go behind the scenes into the Lab’s control room to see how data is video recorded and analyzed.

W21C’s work surrounding infection prevention and control was highlighted as participants were challenged to remove gloves that had been contaminated with bodily fluids –in this case, vanilla pudding – without getting any on their skin.

The big reveal was seeing the spread of all the invisible contaminants throughout the lab that were only visible under black light – emphasizing the importance of handwashing to patient safety. Everyone was given a hand sanitizer to help them combat the future spread of infection.

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