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News & Events | Articles | February 19, 2013

Calgary Doctors Examine Their Health

Dr. Jane Lemaire, W21C Co-Lead of Provider Wellness was interviewed by CBC Calgary about her research on the importance of preventing physician burnout, an occupational hazard.
Dr. Lemaire's work underlies that physicians need to recognize they don't have to be superhuman and need to take breaks throughout their day.
One of Dr. Lemaire's studies show that doctors who take the time to eat healthy meals have the brain function of someone 10 years younger.

You can view the CBC feature story here.

The W21C's Provider Wellness Team's study about the Senior Resident Rotation Bundle was also mentioned in a CBC story questioning medical residents' long shifts. Dr. Lemaire was also interviewed in this story.

You can view the CBC story about the legnth of medical residents shifts here.