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The Podcast

The Patient Safety Podcast is aimed at anyone with an interest in patient safety from health care workers to the general public.

Episodes will be released every two weeks and will be available for download from iTunes and the official Patient Safety Podcast website.

For more information about the podcast authors, learning objectives and materials referenced in each episode, and upcoming episodes go to www.patientsafetypodcast.com.

The most important part of the series is the listeners, so please let us know what you think by emailing w21cedu@ucalgary.ca.


Latest Episode:

The Future of Healthcare is Computerized Provider Order Entry
Shawn Dowling, MD

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Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode 0 - Welcome to the Patient Safety Podcast - Nishan Sharma

Episode 1 - Principles for Guiding the Management of Safety and Quality in Health Care - Ward Flemons

Episode 2 - The Role of the Personal Health Record in Patient Safety - Chad Saunders

Episode 3 - Physician Wellness: Fundamental for Doctors, Vital for Patients - Jane Lemaire

Episode 4 - Handwashing, Don't Leave Home Without it! - John Conly

Episode 5 - Responding Appropriately to Adverse Events - Ward Flemons

Episode 6 - The Importance of Measurement in Patient Safety - Alan Forster

Episode 7 - Improving Patient Safety by Using Patient-Reported Outcomes Measures (PROMs) in Routine Clinical Practice - Maria J Santana

Episode 8 - Monitoring Perioperative Mortality 30 Days After Common Surgical Procedures - Chris Pysyk

Episode 9 - Continuing the Conversation: Optimizing the use of Advance Care Planning Tools - Trevor Chan and Sunita Chacko

Episode 10 - The Role of Education in Promoting Patient Safety in Bedside Procedural Skills: The Unsung Hero - Irene Ma

Episode 11 - Thinking about Patient Safety in the Domain of Surgical Care - Marcia Clark

Episode 12 - Smoking and Surgery: Perceptions, Realities, and Opportunity - Chris Pysyk

Episode 13 - Engaging Academic Faculty in Quality Improvement - Brian Wong

Episode 14 - Not Just Supply and Demand: How to Reduce Overcrowding and Waiting Lists - Sachin Pendharkar

Season 2

Episode 15 - Teaching Patient Safety for Internal Medicine Residents Using High-Fidelity Human Patient Simulation: Why and How - Ghazwan Altabbaa

Epsiode 16 - Patients as Partners in Patient Safety - Nancy Marlett and Sandra Zelinsky

Episode 17 - Disclosure of Harm - Bruce MacLeod

Episode 18 - Dealing with Uncertainty in Medicine - Chloe Atkins

Episode 19 - Designing Optimal Care: The Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA) Cycle as a Tool for Healthcare System Improvement - Maeve O'Beirne

Episode 20 - Safer Transitions of Care - William Ghali and Jacques Cornuz

Episode 21 - Design to Empower - Claudia Steinke

Episode 22 - Safe Surgery Checklist in Alberta: Understanding its Role and Use - Marcia Clark

Episode 23 - The Hidden Pathways of Chronic Illness: Engaging Patients in Patient Safety - Nancy Marlett and Sandra Zelinsky

Episode 24 - Quality Improvement Projects: Improving Healthcare at the Undergraduate Level - Chris Sveen, Mandy Ang and Amanda Schouten

Episode 25 - Quality Improvement Projects: Improving Healthcare at the Undergraduate Level: Part 2 - Ryan Iwasiw and Bill Ressl

Episode 26 - Leading for Quality and Safety - Deborah White

Episode 27 - Investigating and Managing Patient Safety Events - Margot Harvie

Episode 28 - Human Factors Evaluation of SpectrumCalgary, a Smartphone App for Antimicrobial Stewardship - Paul Campsall and Elizabeth Parfitt

Episode 29 - The Impact of Peer Pressure on Medical and Nursing Students' Clinical Skills Performance in a Simulated Interprofessional Education Environment - Alyshah Kaba

Episode 30 - Healthcare Human Factors: How Can We Design Better Healthcare - Greg Hallihan

Episode 31 - Patient Family Centred Care - Selena Au

Episode 32 - Capturing Research and Education in an Evidence Based Ambulance Design Study - Brent Thorkelson

Season 3

Episode 33 - It Isn't Always What You Think. Comparing Adverse Events in Hip Replacement - Deborah Marshall and Karen MacDonald

Episode 34 - Antibiotic Stewardship: What Does it Mean to You? - John Conly

Episode 35 - Deprescribing in the Care of Older Patients - David Hogan

Episode 36 - Choosing Wisely Canada: Where are We and Where We are Going? - Sacha Bhatia

Episode 37 - Incorporating Human Factors into the Built Environment Design - Jonas Shultz

Episode 38 - Pressure Ulcers: Prevention and Management - Chester Ho

Episode 39 - Red Flag Warning Signs in Headache - Jeptha Davenport

Episode 40 - Online Clinical Pathway for Adult Chronic Kidney Disease in Primary Care - Wes Jackson

Episode 41 - Patient Safety Culture and Patient Safety Climate - Liane Ginsburg

Season 4

Episode 42 - The Virtual Ward - Sam Gharbi

Episode 43 - Advance Care Planning as a Safety Issue - Jessica Simon

Episode 44 - The Rise of Simulation in Healthcare - Marlene Donahue

Episode 45 - Medication Safety in Chronic Kidney Disease - Chandra Thomas

Episode 46 - Safe Drug Therapy in Chronic Kidney Disease - Craig Curtis

Episode 47 - When to Visit the Emergency Department - Eddy Lang

Episode 48 - Healthcare for Newly Arrived Refugee Families - Gabriel Fabreau

Season 5

Episode 49 - The Future of Healthcare is Computerized Provider Order Entry - Shawn Dowling