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Knowledge Translation

Centered on improving patient safety and enhancing quality of care, W21C strives to provide knowledge translation opportunities between its experts, partners and networks. This process takes place within a complex system of interactions between researchers and knowledge users. W21C hosts and connects with knowledge translation activities throughout the year.

Other efforts include Lunch and Learns around key research projects planned to inform and engage health professionals. Please see below for the Knowledge to Action Cycle suggested as a best practice to KT efforts for the W21C:

  1. Monthly Seminar Series and community events that support knowledge sharing and dissemination efforts.
  2. Annual Health Research and Innovation Forums provide diverse community members the opportunity to present their work and key findings
  3. W21C Online Community and project database to enhance collaboration among the W21C’s diverse community.
  4. We are working closely with Industry Partners like Clarity Inc. and SMART Technologies Inc. to develop sophisticated information technology systems that can share information and support KT.
  5. A W21C Communication Board on the W21C medical unit is used to notify staff and patients of upcoming W21C

We aim to conduct key research projects around this framework.

This is a learning process for the W21C Team and we are open to your input. Please contact Leora Rabatach if you have any questions or suggestions.